This film was created for the 2010 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project, shot on a borrowed FlipCam.

Thomas J. Buxtehude directs a fantasy epic about a dragon who terrorizes an old English town in 1753. After years of committing unspeakable acts against the townsfolk, Luciferous lures an unnamed hero out to battle him to the death.

As part of the 2010 48 Hour Film Project rules, teams were required to use a character named Carl or Carla Ross who must be a plumber, use coins as a prop, and use the line "Who came up with that?" Other requirements included the color bars and tones at the beginning. For some reason we thought adding extra tones would be amusing. Outtakes are here:

Thomas J. Buxtehude's web site:

Shrieking Tree:

Make-Believe Machines (music):

Written and Directed by Adam Senecaut, Rob Ogden, Justin Norman, Monika Kinkel, and Wesley Norman.

Starring Wesley Norman as Artemis Foxtoothe, Justin Norman as Thomas J. Buxtehude, Monika Kinkel as Jenipher Hegel, Tim Schmitt as Carl Ross, Rob Ogden as Clive W. Magpatch, Adam Senecaut as Walter Olmhurst, Sam Gulker as Elf Child, Dan Miloch as Man Cradling Muffin, Emily Ogden as Pumice Longhardy, and Rachel Ogden as Coffee Victim 5.

Vivaldi recordings are used under a Creative Commons license.

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