SAP, T-Systems, and NetApp are collaborating on a proposal for a panel at CloudSlam focused on the following themes:

* How to extend the SAP installed base with the new technology and economics of on-demand applications at the "edge"
* How SAP is rebuilding under the covers in order to minimize customer disruption for on-demand deployment but while still delivering the scale and scope that core mission-critical systems demand
* How a service provider like T-Systems can preserve existing applications but leverage the TCO and economic advantages of on-demand delivery - this part of the panel will go into some of the trade-offs behind how T-Systems leveraged its scale to build management technologies to support secure multi-tenancy that many on-demand vendors are also working on but that in this case works on existing SAP systems.
* How a service provider platform can build higher level functionality and leverage better economics by building on specialized infrastructure - in this case NetApp. This part of the panel will explain the trade-offs between the integrated systems that Cisco/EMC and HP are building and the specialized systems that are differentiated by their management functionality and enable customers to deliver secure multi-tenancy.

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