Dark, dirty and dynamically staged, SLICK was an exploration of greed, corruption and loss-of-innocence using our grotesque ‘human puppets’.

Nine years old and permanently attached to his skate board, Little Malcolm Biggar’s sole aim in life is to convince his neglectful parents to buy him a helmet. But all that changes the day crude oil begins pumping up through the Biggar family’s toilet. Elation turns to desperation as the Biggars attempt to keep their new-found wealth a secret from perverted landlord Jerko and his malevolent, ailing mother Mrs Dreich. When the Biggars start trading oil for arms, Malcolm is caught at the centre of an explosive showdown between the feuding neighbours.

We combined absurd comedy, visual storytelling, puppetry, object theatre and physical performance to create a unique ensemble performance with comic-strip visuals. We aimed to present a technically complex and accomplished theatre piece that balanced grotesque dark comedy with moments of pathos and human warmth.

Slick sold out its Fringe Festival run before touring to a further seven venues across Scotland. The production went on to feature in the 2008 Scotland Live showcase and the Cork Midsummer Festival 2009.

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