So we were thinking the other day that there are so many people who are "hiding" or trying to hide and not do video.

If you don't know that you should be producing engaging valuable video content by now, you really should...

We related people trying to "hide" by not doing video to a military sniper trying not to be seen by sitting still in the forrest. That's not going to work.

Your audience, prospects will simply move on to someone who they have a more trusting, engaged relationship with.

Have you seen Youtube lately? Sheez... It's not that hard to stand above the pack people. The quality of video is in the pretty poor range at best.

The good news is that it doesn't take much to stand above the rest. With the right training and coaching, you could be using the same skills that Hollywood Professionals use on a daily basis. I'm talking a $150 camera and $40 mic here...Were aren't talking about a lot of money.

So what's your biggest fear from being on video?

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