Every Spring Quarter UCSD Phi Beta Lambda assembles an all-star team to plan and prepare for the end of the year banquet. This year, Lena Lee took charge of the Banquet Planning Committee, and gathered a team of the best and brightest that our chapter had to offer.

For years many have dismissed the banquet planning process as being easy. In a quest to disprove these fabrications, one brave cameraman by the name of Andy Tseng decided to document the process, in order to show the world just how difficult it can be.

The footage you are about to witness is very real. The members involved with banquet preparation had to withstand many obstacles along the way. Please enjoy our documentary and take note of our commercials in between the footage from our sponsors.

*This film is dedicated to the 2009-2010 members of UCSD Phi Beta Lambda. It was a year we will never forget!*

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