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It Loves to Play: The Solar Mini Speaker Charger plays FM radio and also has a USB port and SD card slot on top. Plug in your flash memory and this solar speaker automatically plays whatever MP3 files it finds! What's more attach your portable device to it for audio output of the highest quality! The Solar Mini Speaker Charger works great with: iPods/iPhones, MP3/MP4 players, Portable DVD players, Portable game systems like the Nintendo DS / Sony PSP, Laptops, notebooks, and netbooks, UMPC, MID, tablets, and smartbooks, as well as cellphones and smart phones!

It Loves to Do More: Aside from incorporating S-2-O (Solar To Output) technology which allows you to solar charge your portable devices, The Solar Mini Speaker Charger also comes with an alarm clock and even displays the current temperature! Best of all is the sound output from these mini-speakers! Surprisingly powerful and stunningly clear, The Solar Mini Speaker handles deep bass and sharp tones like a pro for a brilliant stereo performance of the highest highs and the lowest lows everytime! Hear them for yourself and you'll agree that this baby sounds better than speakers double or triple its price.

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