In late 2004, Bobby Puleo, Pat Smith, Steve Rodriguez and a host of other New York skateboarders leased and built their own "street-style" co-op park in Brooklyn. The goal of the project was to create and maintain a private spot to skate street obstacles comfortably during the harsh winter months. The project became known as Mt. Weather and continued on in different incarnations for the next few years. The following montage is an excerpt from a short skateboard documentary, "The Brooklyn Project," about the first Mt. Weather space that was never released. MiniDV/16mm


Bobby Puleo, Brendan Leddy, James Reres, Steve Hernandez, Ben Allen, Rodney Torres, Geo Moya, Mike Alexander, Ross Hammershlag, Dharam Khalsa, Quim Cardona, Billy Rohan, Chris Kent, Lou Sarowsky, Jerry Mraz, Pat Smith, Viktor Timofeev, Danny Weiss, Max, Danny Falla and Nick Sassa.

- Jeremy Scott Cohan

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