Kiel Long ( )

Kiel Long is an artist working with audiovisual media focusing on new ways of aesthetic engagement of the participant.

His project The Static Organ (2009-ongoing) is a collection of works that build upon the brain activity of the user represented through a variety of media, sound and new forms of interaction.

It applies biofeedback technology in order to display information based on the user’s cognitive state that guide the person through self-reflective experience. His works consider technology through an artistic approach that extends human imagination not only through technical novelty but through a new aesthetic.

Mind Pool

The interactive installation piece entitled Mind Pool is a physical feedback of the activity of brainwaves presented to the user in real time. This representation of activity is presented to the user through a liquid that responds in a varying motion of interacting wave patterns giving a unique symbiotic sculpture constantly flowing and changing as thought itself. This interaction provides an experience that is an externalisation of the workings of the brain allowing the user to engage as both a performer and observer as they explore the relationship between their mind and body in a dynamic physical and sonic environment.

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