PyCon Ireland 2010. (Dublin School of English on Sat 17th July)
Can open source software come to the rescue of science? Science faces great challenges today, not least from government pressure to 'turn a profit' which runs a very real and documented risk of shutting down scientific dialogue. Science is due for a renaissance of open source thinking, and the open source community can help and participate.

This talk is about an open workflow approach to scientific document preparation. Using a Python simulation framework to generate data, and RPy to analyze it, we will go through the steps of creating a literate LaTeX document. The goal of this project is to make it easier for scientists to do completely reproducible research using open source software. The methods and techniques are also applicable to preparing software documentation, or automating your own numerical analysis, such as from website analytics data.

(Level: Intermediate)

All slides can be found at:

Thanks to
- Robert Murphy and Susan Bourke for videoing the talks on Saturday.
- Tim Kersten for cycling back home so we can have another roving camera on the day.
- Post-Production: Robert Murphy
- All the volunteer session chairs
- And you, who made this conference possible by attending! :-)

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