I was contacted by producer/director Mansour Pourmand to create an opening title sequence for his short film "Aladdin's Untold Story". He sent me a one-sheet of the play version he was currently working on (since the short film was completed and the stories coexist) to get an idea of where he wanted the direction to go.

The first thing I noticed was that it had the character Aladdin in the city now, a bit older, and taking a day job as an author. So I wanted to have the sequence showing his journey from the desert to the city.

Choosing the font was an easy task. I brought it to life a little more by adding a soft glow behind it after choosing a burning gold color that moderately symbolized the intensity of the desert sun.

Then he sent me the music for the sequence and, subsequently, everything began to slide into place. Though I did have to edit the song to match our image progression; it was simply a matter of blending parts together to meet the certain vim and vigor of scene changes.

Next, we agreed that it needed some art to assist as a bridging component in the composition. So I assembled some hand-picked selections (that were concurred upon) in Photoshop and made them appear as if they were mirages briskly developing on to our 'canvas'.

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