In this short video, children from Ontario disclose how police acted in an unethical and unprofessional manner by helping their violent and abusive mother destroy taped recorded evidence which would have shown that she was abusing the children.

Instead of Justice, the police handed the crucial evidence over to the children's mother so that she could destroy it. The police then arrested and charged the father based on the mother's false allegations.

Court Watch has received many similar stories of police acting to support mothers while destroying fathers and their children. Another teen reported to Court Watch that this same police force which are involved in this video were responsible for helping to destroy her loving father as well.

Hopefully, with the testimony of children coming forth and some honest ethical police officers stepping forward, the citizens of Ontario will see an end to the abuse of children and fathers by police agencies in Ontario. Police officers have literally been brainwashed into believing that domestic violence is only a man's problem and not a woman's.

The abuse of children and fathers by agencies associated with the family court system is literally destroying Canada.

Readers in Canada are encouraged to copy this link in a message to their local member of Provincial Parliament with a message of complaint about the bias against fathers by Canada's morally corrupt family court system.

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