Most of this was shot with a Nikon D3 on auto bracketing firing 9 frames with 1EV jumps between. A couple sequences were shot with a Canon T2i and 3aeb +/-2EV.

The architectural interior sequences are actually just 8-12 total frames shot as a pano (each frame was a tonemapped version of the 9aeb capture). I then ran those 8-12 frames through Apple's Shake 4 and optical flow. It did a pretty good job at creating extra frames considering how big the jumps were between frames (amount panned). However, as you can see on some pans, there are artifacts (Left and Right edges where straight lines go wavy for a second). That is due to the software guessing at the movement of pixels between frames.

I really need to see if The Foundry's Kronos retimer can handle the optical flow better.

Ideally, I should have shot those architectural sequences and the garden sequence with many more in between frames. Actually I'm really looking forward to the Dynamic Perception motion controller that Jay Burlage has been a part of and testing along with Open Mocco. I can't wait to start using that combo!!!

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