The author of this adaptation of the classic Slavic fairy tale written in 1916 by Ivana Brlic Mazuranic is Helena Bulaja Madunic - established Croatian multimedia artist and director en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helena_Bulaja

More about this project you can found at fairytales4you.net/
and you can e-mail main director and producer Helena Bulaja Madunic at helena@helenabulaja.net

ABOUT the STORY by Helena: Every film has a director, and so does
Regoch. Although the film is largely
my creation, all the elements within it
equally contributed to the development of
my inspiration for the final cut. The work
on Regoch was very complex and lasted
four years! When I look back to it today, this
was for me, in fact, a kind of personal study of
animation, directing and editing. When I finally
decided to do Regoch on my own, after an unsuccessful
attempt to form a team in Croatia, I have to
admit that I knew very little about directing, editing
or animation. The decision came about in July 2003,
by accident. One day, just like any other day, the mailman
rang the bell and he gave me a nice little parcel
from far away New York. It contained a CD with film music
by Christian Biegai and a letter full of compliments and it
all arrived in just the nick of time! The day before the parcel
arrived, I was having a difficult time, wondering if I should try
to find an international team for Regoch, after a series of failed
attempts to create Kosjenka with Petar Grimani and Zvonimir
Dusper between Zagreb and Split. But after I listened to Christian’s
CD, it was just like something silently moved in my heart.
I had a feeling that I saw Regoch and Kosjenka moving through
their adventure. Even though they existed only in my head as “living
people,” this was the first time that I really saw them together and the
whole story suddenly became intimate to me. Frankly, at that moment,
I had no idea how this adventure would end but I felt that I, of all people,
with Christian’s help, needed to take them through the story together and
give them a new life. The same day I sent Regoch to Christian, he replied
to me even faster and started to compose. There was not much animation or
illustration to see at that point, so the music was created primarily on the basis
of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić’s original story. But, just as if he had always known this
imaginary world, Christian created eight music stories in less than three weeks,
flew to Berlin, and recorded them there in a studio. By September, the mailman
delivered another CD to my door, this one with the original music composed for the
final Regoch. Another three years went by in the creation of Legen, the underworld
and the evil villagers. For some of those, Petar Grimani and I visited and filmed the actual
locations, to make Brlić’s world come to life in them. There we also found Liljo and
his friends. We caught the character Regoch on camera during an Amsterdam afternoon.
Nuno Almeida, an architect from Portugal, became Regoch by accident when he tried to
help my friend Ivana Muller in her quest for Kosjenka. Two years later, just as coincidentally
as Christian became part of the project, Marijana Jelic, an illustrator from Zagreb, visited me
and together, we managed to create this delicate, gentle and fickle fairy creature, Kosjenka.
Through the following year she became acquainted with the world that we created for her and
started to live there in July of 2006.

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