Here is a report on Kuriat, it is the name of a Tunisian archipelago. She constitutes of two small islands situated east of Monastir. The biggest, 3,5 km long and 2 km wide, cover approximately 270 hectares. Separated by two kilometers the small covers approximately hundred hectares the major part of which is formed by low lands and by intertidales plains. The substratum is constituted by stoneware and by carbonated rocks covered with sand put deposited by the sea. Islands are flat and low (maximum 5 meters over the sea level).
This report is important for me because these islands play an important role from the point of view of the biodiversity: they establish a migratory stopover for an important avifauna as the gull classified as vulnerable species. They are also one of the main sites of nesting of the turtle caouanne (Caretta caretta) in the South of the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore, constitute a vulnerable ecosystem.
He is to indicate that in the north and rocky part of both islands and in very low depths there are formations of fundof maërl considered as very rare and very vulnerable in the Mediterranean scale.

Year : 2010
Song : Craig Armstrong
filmed and edited by Brice Gelot

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