In our schools today, the career politicians spend way too much money on bureaucracy -- leaving less for the classroom.

Hi Folks, I'm Mark Neumann. Madison has so many rules, regulations, and red tape that at times, even our best teachers are too busy with paperwork to teach our kids.

Today, I'm a business owner. But before I started my business, I was a high school math teacher. And I taught in the UW system. I've seen how good our schools can work -- I've also seen how poor management and big bureaucracy can hurt our kids.

I know that endless spending isn't going to make our schools better. That's why I founded 3 Christian Choice Schools that perform better and cost less. I've written a detailed education plan that uses Conservative ideas to improve education.

My plan requires accountability, local control, increased parental involvement, and rewards excellence.

Folks, this is Mark Neumann. Now's our chance. This is the election. Let's choose a governor who understands that fighting for Wisconsin's forgotten middle class means having the best educated kids in the world.

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