the IKTVS video was shot in two days in the Los Gatos hills. We're very thankful for the efforts of over 30 volunteer friends and family acting as zombies, and the amazing work of our young pals Sylas and Lyric (and their very patient parents)

What started as a simple iChat conversation between Eric and Gio about zombies and the lyrics of the song quickly turned into a storyboard and then a full blown production when Dutton Films stepped in to fill the director's chair.

With everyone's combined efforts and talents we were able to create a music video we are extremely proud of for less than $900. (many major label bands spend more than that on catering at their video shoots) Of course $500 of that budget was spent on the station wagon which we took great pleasure in destroying with some duct tape and house paint.

The cardboard guns were created by the band and our friends, the make up was applied by Ed Martinez.

Special thanks to the Butterfield and Roulette families for allowing us full roam of their beautiful hillside estate.

The video went public on July 17th, 2010 and in the first two weeks has passed 60,000 views on Youtube! We couldn't be more pleased with everything and we thought a little behind the scenes montage would be a great way for everyone involved in the project to look back at those two great days on the hill.

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