Pricing is a mystery to many businesses, even banks and large companies. Mike Moebs will show you how to unlock your company’s profit potential by using different approaches to pricing. Mike is an internationally-known expert on how to price products and services effectively and efficiently. Don’t miss this insightful program.

Consumers today demand value, and price is a significant component of the value package. For two decades, Moebs Services has been advising businesses and financial institutions about using pricing as a tool to serve customers while generating greater income. Mike’s advice covers the range of pricing strategies:

•Pricing economics
•Pricing tactics: what works and what doesn’t
•Basic pricing principals
•Four major pricing strategies

Mike literally wrote the book on pricing of financial services. His book Pricing Financial Services, published by Dow Jones, is considered the “bible” on the subject. In his talk to the Roundtable, Mike will explore the basic pricing concepts for all types of business.

Mike Moebs is a CPA who graduated from the U. Chicago Graduate School of Business. His concepts and comments have appeared in article in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

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