this was my first attempt at approaching people and asking them if i could make a photograph. i learned a lot, the most important thing i took out of this is that it really was'nt all that painful to photograph strangers, actually it was a blast in the end, even if i made an arse out of myself asking the most inane questions. the other most important thing i learned is camera stabilization is a must for this videography thing, next time out i intend to employ the use of a monopod, thereby eliminating most of the annoying camera wobble, but still being unobtrusive enough and easy to get around with. only the cameras ability to make awesome images is what makes this worth while and saves the day. next time i gotta just stay out of the way of the camera and let it do all the work.

5d mkii
17-40mm f/4.0
50mm f/1.8 ii
100mm f/2.8 macro is
Music: Astor Piazola "el Choclo" and "Libertango"

have a nice day.

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