Season Two, Episode Five.
Designed by Jake Lodwick. Featuring Eric Lyle Lodwick, Jenna Levine. Music by Brian Jacobs.

I wanted to play with the 'wigglegram' technique I've seen in many animated gifs online. The result is more of a series of photographs than a video, and perhaps feels a bit out of place as an Odwick video.

I'm beginning to gain confidence in my approach to filmmaking, gaining clarity on my motives, my goals. It's really simple. I want to start telling stories. Not 'making videos' but telling stories in the medium of video (or film). If I could go back, I would make this video into a (short) story, but this motive clarity didn't come until too late in the project.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the piece, even though it's a bit insubstantial. We're halfway through the season yet, and honestly I feel that I'd just been warming up until now. The next five videos might be where it starts to get interesting, or, at least, where my ambition leads us to a strange new place.

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