Had an opportunity to shoot with the Arri Alexa recently for a DCS presentation in San Francisco on 08/10. The footage will be used for a spot idea I have so there are some VFX elements missing but this "dailies montage" went over well at the presentation. There seems to be a lot of interest in what the camera can do so I thought I'd put it up as a quick look. This was all shot with available light (plus a handheld flashlight and a small light panel to add fill on a few shots). Any noise visible here is a result of compression to H264 for upload.
Director, Ian McCamey
DP, Art Adams
AC, Paul Marbury
Gaffer, Simon Sommerfeld
PA/2nd AD, Jim Feeley
Colorist(s) - Lucas Wilson (Assimilate) & Shane Mario
Actor - Colin Stuart
Music - Helen Jane Long

Thanks to:
Michael Bravin at Arri, Adam Wilt, Leigh Blicher, Videofax, Chater Camera

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