For this project involving chance, Suzanne and I had people at school speak candidly as though they were ourselves. We combined their audio and experimental footage to make "self-portraits."

The other element of the piece had to be "history," which is represented here by our relationships with the participants and one another (obviously, we collaborated.) Also the fact that it is a video introduces the element of time... this is how vague our project agendas are. It's great.

Originally, we had planned on lip-synching to the audio, but that didn't quite work out. The skippy footage you see is the result of using one of our school's old cruddy cameras. It turned out to be a happy, kind of trippy accident. I like that.

There is a short pause at the end, Stay tuned! to catch a quick glimp of the 'voice talents'

Check out Suzanne's:

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