This giant sculpture cascades water during most hours of the day. Sitting between Willamette and Cascade Hall, it sits alone producing ambled sounds of water moving downwards.

And although its vivid colors may have faded a bit over the years, it still remains a focal point for thousands of students passing through the back channels of campus walking to class.

Medium: Sculpture
Artist: Alice Wingwall
Date: 1991
Location: Cascade Hall (University of Oregon)
Shot: Handheld w/ Zi6

About the artist: Alice Wingwall earned an M.F.A. in sculpture from UC Berkeley and was a professor of sculpture and director of the studio arts program at Wellesley College. She has explored many different mediums, and she trained in stained-glass fabrication in Paris.

She suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease, and relies on memory and other senses in creating her art. Photography is currently one of her principal media and she often works with the assistance of her husband, architect Donlyn Lyndon.

*I toyed a bit with the frame-rate from the native files to produce a slower, more fluid sequence of shots. The originals, in 60fps, provided too normal a POV.

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