Intervention in einem Supermarkt
“Experiment über kollektive Lebensrhythmen”

Künstlerin: Giulia Giannola
Ort: Real Supermarkt
Dauer: 5-10 min.

On May 20th, 2010 four actors paid 10 euros worth of supermarket items with coins valued at 1 cent upto 50 cents at the supermarket Real in Braunschweig. 
The aim of the action was to stop the flow of traffic in the lines and record the behaviour of the cashiers and the people waiting in line.
Some of them stressed, some of them resigned, and some of them offered to pay themselves, in order speed up the process. 
In the performance, money, which is conceived to accelerate commercial exchanges, ends up causing the payment process to even go slower and stop the normal flowing of operations.

The antropologue Marc Augé has defined the anthropological “no-places” (supermarkets along with shopping-malls, hotel chains, airports) as a category of places, mostly with commercial aims, where people
 are often inserted into mechanisms, characterised 
by standardised behaviours which they have learned. 

The supermarket is a specific place which is part of a bigger system, and influences our everyday life and its rhythms, and definetly defines them.

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