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I'm a German from outside of Hamburg. Since I was a kid I wanted to live in New York City. For the last 11 years I did. I've always felt slightly misplaced everywhere - except for in NYC, where everyone seems to fit.

I've been proud to tell everyone I live in Brooklyn. This week I moved to Berlin.

I don't know Berlin - I'm not even sure how much I know Germany anymore.

There must be tons of people from Brooklyn in Berlin (many of them German, too, I suppose) - they're probably younger, hipper, more creative, more radical and certainly more tuned into what's cutting edge. That's cool. These are just my personal random impressions of life as a German New Yorker in Berlin.

Week 1: Arriving in Berlin (plane), sneaking off (bus) to my family's home in the country near Hamburg (still), arriving in Berlin yet again (train).

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