warm as emerging sunlight (ke$ha - tik tok)
30:00 | HD video with stereo audio

This work is a part of a series created in early 2010 called “The Reverence Collection”. Initially designed for a gallery installation but in light of the Justin Bieber 800% slower phenomenon (soundcloud.com/shamantis/j-biebz-u-smile-800-slower) - I figured it was a sign that the release of these pieces be delayed no longer.

If you have the opportunity please watch these pieces in a dark room with the image as large as possible and with the sound turned up. Enjoy the break from chaos.

Project Description:

The Reverence Collection is a series of sound/image works created by transforming pop music videos into epic slowly undulating audiovisual environments. The source material for the pieces is derived from a careful selection of contemporary top-of-the-charts pop music videos. The transfiguration of fast disposable cultural detritus into a space for slowness, contemplation, and exploration of detail on a time-scale that is less and less attainable amidst the tempo of contemporary society is a modern digital alchemy, turning a slice of the short-attention-span questionable-message cultural data stream into a counterpart 180 degrees from the original motives. The works are designed for reflective introspection and trance-like detachment from a constant crushing inundation by the constant consumption of sensory pollution.

The color and audio in the pieces is sources is derived entirely from the original materials. No additional sound elements are introduced and the rich epic ambient ethereal soundscapes are the result of warping and recomposing the three plus minute disposable pop tracks. In a world that requires constant feedback, communication, consumption, and response - the work strives to take a shard of that chaotic density and turn the raw source material into an intense environment for introspection and meditative focus on deceivingly simple compositions of evolving sound and image.

In a similar fashion to the sound, the imagery is stretched, processed, and shattered to be used as raw color information for the skeletal backbone of the glass-like sculptural forms that slowly undulate and glimmer with the audio. The creation of almost-still slowness from the fast-paced distraction-dynamics invites the potential to deny the attention-deficit culture around us and embrace the opportunity to be enveloped by light and sound.

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