Woah Guys, ok yes I know its 9mins 52sec but give me a break lol! I had to cram so much in, it was all jumbled up and I think I still have a hang over a week after the show so dammit if I wasted those valuable minutes and seconds of your lives then... mwaaahahahaaaa suckers!!

Ok just messing with you, this is the fucking pain painstakingly edited and thrown together piece of my history from two different camcorders and my little compact camera, oh yeah and a couple pics off the internet and one off a phone!! lol!

But please, seriously I hope that you enjoy it and my adventures because it makes me laugh lol, so it should do you too!! It is the best effort I could do so there, I'm no pro!!

So, a huge THANK YOU to all of the people that I want to mention for making my trip so cool and for crossing paths with me and being on my report. They are, in order of appearence:

Cecilia Vega - Saved my life lol!! Love you mon petite poi lol!!
Gianna Micheals - Thanking you and your amazing body!
Melissa Lauren - Finally we meet, but next time we need GUINESS!!
Sarah Doom - Fantastic booby cuddles, thanks :D
Joris - Filthy Bastard Greeetz!
Danni - How many dollars did you get out the FART box?
Pascal - Can't wait to be the FAT CAT!!
Jannerman - Keep those scary bitches away from me haha!
Jenna Haze - Congratulations to the FEM POTY!! lol! You were sweet!
Belladonna - Congrats and hey email me I'm over soon x x x
Tera Patrick - Have fun in Thailand you guys!!
Jazz Duro - "Erm can me & Keni take you upstairs to play?" LOL SMOOTH!!
Rocco Siffredi - Looking forward to the next time man! Congratulations!
Chase Evans - I'll see ya soon for that dinner invite honey!
Mixi - Miss my little one, good luck with your scenes baby!!
Sasha Grey - So beautiful thanks for saying hey :D
Stoya - OMG we need to fix that thing... like yesterday!! CALL ME!!
Fred - See you in Cannes you crazy bastard!!
Buck Angel - LEGEND! :D
Phoneix Marie - YOUR BAAAD!! Wicked to see ya, take care of big lump!
Randy Spears - Nice man, glad I got you on my video!
Jessica Drake - Erm? I'll just pretend you was waving at me! lol! ;)
Yoshi - Professional Perving... incognito, nice! lol!
Evil Angel Girls - You were ALL amazing!! :D
John Stagliano - Thanks for the ALL help and advice man, see you soon!
Tricia Devereaux - My queen you made it all possible so thank you for doing that and it was so cool to actually wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY in person too!!

Phew, ok that was long... oh and finally for the powers that be in youtube land. Here's my song credits too:

*Edit - No I dont wanna get muted again! I already upped this 5 times and had to change music and re-upload. Hopefully this is the last time?*

Ok, finally, I hope you enjoyed the movie!!

Keni x

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