The story follows Ted Reyes, a genius.

He works for a think tank, fixing other people's problems. As Ted struggles to relate to the world around him, he begins to understand that the people in his life don't care about him and their significance in his own life have always been overstated. He struggles to hold on to his dying wife as he struggles to hold onto himself, his identity and his sanity. Ted's story is one that everyone on the planet can relate to; how do we define ourselves when the world around us crumbles apart?


Writer: Christopher W. Ball
Director: Christopher W. Ball
Cinematography: Daniel Perez
Editors: Daniel Perez
Jonathan Wallace
Makeup: Blake Smith
Boom Op: Jonathan Wallace
Producers: Christopher W. Ball
Joshua Perez
Daniel Perez

Key Actors in Order of Appearance
Fredd Stanley Rayes as Tedd Reyes
Kim Maddrey as Tedd's Boss
Janie Kimmel as Janie
Jonathan Wallace as News Anchor Voice

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