I liked the setup were I had the camera looking back at the plane in flight but the big pipe sticking out the front of the plane was a bit unpractical to leave on there for long. So I took my idea of two cameras on at the same time and put them on the wing tips looking at the plane but in opposite directions so they cover a lot of the ground as well.

Amazingly there was no vibration on either camera even though the motors are on the wing too. So on the maiden voyage I did four flights in total and this is the entire third flight. I flip back an fourth from one view to the other but it's all on one consistent time line. To create this I used a demo version of Edius 5. It output a 1920 x 1080 WMV that rivals the video straight out of the GoPro hero so download it if you can and watch it on a big screen. That is the best way to experience all the scenery going by. Update: Wow, I just watched it back on the Flash player at full screen and it worked very well with no jerkiness. I've been trying to solve that for years!

Oh, and yes, that is my Swiss army knife taped to the front. I found during the first flight that I needed to move the Center of Gravity forward a bit. :-)


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