Oil refineries, landfills, industrial architecture: 3D vision of birds-eye views that plunges into an inevitable decline.

RUPTURE D’ESPACE (the ruptured space) is a double projection on the ground and seen from an elevated structure. It is a confrontation between emptiness and chaos. An exploration of the feeling of vertigo linked to the ostensible loss of meaning in the global, industrialized world. The spectator is perched above industrial, petrochemical and waste filled landscapes. the images beneath him are destabilizing, vertiginous and starkly real. The spectator thus enters a surreal world of magical realism.

Produced by: Calvacréation with the support of Arcadi (Public funding organization for culture in the Ile de France region, Paris - France) & Fundacine (Fondation for the development of regional cinematography, Zulia - Venezuela) 2006-2008

"Finally a multimedia installation that says something." Jean-Jacques Birgé (drame.org)
"Rupture d'Espace plays on that look set on a huge and dizzying world” Anne Vauclair (Ars Numerica)

An installation by Sabrina Montiel-Soto & Fabrice Croizé
Sound Creation: Thomas Giry & Arnaud Riedinger
IT development: Pierre Gufflet
3D: Alain Derobe
Production Manager: Siria Briceño

Copyright Calvacreation: calvacreation.net/rupture_despace.html

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