WOW!!! there were waves this week huh!
Footage this week comes from Tamarama early in the week and then over the weekend the footage is from the lakesway. I'm not going to be specific but if you have been there you will recognise it.
You'll have to pardon the self indulgence this week at the end of the clip. You'll see what I mean. Had the best weekend of surfing I can remember in a long time. Hardly any crowds, beautiful waves, amazing weather and I even sat by a thats getting out of the city!

Surfers: Trevor King, Tim Green, Bill Morris, Luke & Ben Souness, Luke Mussett & a few other crew to boot whose names I don't know but feel free to let me know if you know.

Music this week

Artist: A.W.O.L
Song: Electric Ave
Find them:

Until next week...manyana :)

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