Extagram/Oscilo by Tanja Vujinovic
ArtVerona, D’EST - giovani artisti sloveni, quartiere fieristico di Verona padiglioni 6 e 7, 6. – 20. October, 2008, Verona, Italy

Oscilo consists of objects which each provide a different kind of sound by means of touching or moving objects that contain pick-up microphones, miniature sound producing devices, or loudspeakers. The length and intensity of the tactile contact affect the audio signals produced.

The toy-like, soft sculptures from Discreet Events in Noisy Domains consist of several non-linear sound and video systems. They recode events as a data stream of glitch sounds. They embody the main features of contemporary toys by means of close personal contact through touch, simplified cute shapes, and the construction of micro-worlds through modularity and mostly sound-based interactivity. Extagram/Oscilo sculptures are built through a bending of visual and sound data of generated and routed signals. This flux of data enables insight into the uncanny events of the digital signals. By touching and moving the soft toy-like objects, visitors create or affect the already existing sound or image. Objects are de-characterized by an absence of any facial features and by the uniformity of the black fleece texture they are made of. They are variable in terms of dimension, entirely hand-made, stuffed with sanitary cotton and contain various electronic components that generate sound and video output. The paradox of the interactivity of this series is explored by assigning almost indistinguishable sounds that become noise whenever there is an interaction with the sound sculptures.

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