For anyone considering stop motion animation I hope this helps as you get a feel for how slow this process is. I spent nearly 6 weeks sat on that chair animating a 3 minute video, it did nearly kill me and my back is still recovering but it was worth every late night and every paper cut.

The first guy in the video is Peter Norris one of my tutors, he had to let me into the office nearly everyday - big thanks, and the second guy is Paul Heys who made the whole thing possible - big big big thanks!

I wouldn't do this again on my own, I spent so much time cooped up in that tiny room and exhausted my itunes fairly quickly, I strongly recommend working in a team!

A comfy chair.

Controlled lighting - make sure you can board up any windows and use artificial lighting, because if one day is cloudy or raining it will change all the colours on your set!

Better food than just cereal bars.

Bin bags - that rubbish pile got a lot lot bigger!

Get loads of practice in, especially if you're gonna try and lip sync something - it's a nightmare. If you can, get someone to teach you how to do it!!

Plan everything first if possible!

When you feel like you're going to cry, go for a walk - don't smash up your set. I spent an entire afternoon rebuilding mine after I accidentally deleted some photos off the camera... which leads me onto my next tip...

Back up everything!!

Finally, be patient.

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