If someone's investing money in your film, you have a duty and an obligation to pay them back. Why? Because other independent filmmakers are following in your wake. Treat investors with due respect, and they'll extend them same to your peers who follow. Otherwise? You really have no honor.

On the same subject, there needs to be a ratings system for independent filmmakers as well. A, AA, AAA, and the Big Show, or something similar, to tear a page out of the baseball playbook.

If you can't make it past "A ball," you have no right to rise to "AA," unless you can demonstrate that you can handle "A" pitching, pardoning the pun.

We have a glut of product along with a vacuum in the business skills department. So do we fix this?

None other than through a qualified ratings system. As you move up the ranks, more responsibility can be yours. If you can't progress through the ranks, you have no right to be there.

So what do *you* think?

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