Texting is an excellent tool to use for trade shows - both for trade show organizers and for exhibitors.

As a trade show organizer, if you could add texting to enhance your attendees trade show experience for FREE, wouldn't you do it? Of course you would! You can add a whole new level of service for your attendees by offering text message reminders for various events. By setting up automated text message reminders, you can automatically notify your attendees of various events that are happening at the show. They can be generic in nature (addressed to all attendees), or they can be specific (targeted to specific 'tracks' within your show). For example, if you have an 'Executive' track, 'Sales' track, and 'Technology' track, you will have folks who are attending very different meetings and classes during the event. By having setting up reminders for each track, then placing the attendees in their corresponding distribution list, you can send them reminders 5 minutes before each class they are supposed to attend.

Now - for the FREE part. Since you have the cell numbers of all attendees and you know that 95% of all text messages are read within 5 seconds, you can monetize your texts by adding one or two advertisements daily and make it an additional sponsorship at your trade show. In the a.m. you could send out a reminder to "Check out ABC Company's Booth - #1234 for a chance to win X" - sponsored by ABC Company. Then, in the late afternoon, "Don't forget to visit The Bar for the XYZ Company cocktail mixer" - sponsored by XYZ Company. You can price these at a point whereby your text message service ends up being a wash to you (... or better yet ... maybe even a profit center)!

As an exhibitor, you can market before the show by having people opt in to your keyword, or send them a text, that says "Show this text at Booth 1234 at the show and receive a chance to win a $100 gift card" ... or whatever ... to drive them to your booth. At the show, you can have people text in for an additional chance to win, or to win something else, or ... The choices are endless.

Text message marketing is a great way to engage your audience at trade shows and to help send them text message reminders of their various track activities.

Jeff Arnold is a text message marketing and mobile marketing expert. As the President of Pocket-Promo.com he assists clients with structuring a text message marketing campaign in a way that will be most productive for them, using the powerful features of the company's text message marketing software.

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