When we did this we wanted to take the story in a new direction, leading up to the final segment. So we decided to base it 10 years in the future from the previous chapters. We thought that this would help tie up some loose ends from chapter 6 but also throw in some new twists to leave you wondering what happens next. This was shot in two nights and edited in Final Cut Pro in 9 hours, graded in Apple Color and Magic Bullet Looks.

Free At Last was shot on the Canon T1i, even though this camera is not a 5D MRK II we felt that we squeezed every ounce of performance from this thing. They say that a camera body is not important, its the kind of glass you put in front of it. The lens I used primarily was a Nikon 50mm 1.4, I also used a Canon 50mm 1.8, a 55mm 2.8 MACRO Nikkor, as well as the kit 18-55 lens. I found that when the aperture was opened up to 1.4 and with a few in-camera tweaks I could get it to handle low light well.

We used a Manfrotto tripod, Indislider Mini, and a modified Stroboframe to support the camera. Audio was from a Zoom H2 mounted to the Stroboframe, then synced in post.


Alison: Roslyn Foreman
Robbie(Brother): Troy Ozuna
Vinnie: Logan Stewart

Director of Photography/Editor: Logan Stewart

Screenplay by: Troy Ozuna

The score for the film was composed in house using Sonar 7, Cubase 4, and a MXL V67 Condenser Microphone.

I'd like to thank Troy for hanging out of a speeding car to get the shot of the teddy bear. Also in the end the key in my hand is the same one that has been shown throughout, luckily Troy already had one on his keychain.

Special Thanks to: Streetlight Media

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