Locations: Whakahoro, The Whanganui River, Taranaki, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Text: Paraphrases from the essay, "This is not a game: testimony and the making and unmaking of
the child as a political subject" by Julia Emberley

Julia Emberley, “This is Not a Game: Testimony and the Cultural Construction of the Child as a Political Subject.” Australian Humanities Research. Special Issue. “Testimony and Trauma: New Directions.” 15.3 (2009): 48-64.

Sounds: Pūherehua jam at the Tahora folk festival, Jerome Kavanagh playing the poiāwhiowhio, pūtātara, pūtōrino + nguru; jam with Taonga Pūoro at a marae along the Whanganui River, various sounds courtesy of Luftrum, yewbic, greyseraphim, plagasul & children at Te Papa museum by jmfh from The Freesound Project ( birds, sea, river, rain, forest, wind recorded on location.

It is to be one of 5 videos for the installation, "Kāinga a roto". Info about this is here >

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