Ever felt like an egg buying a dud car? Turns out a lot of people have! So Clemenger BBDO and Aim Proximity approached us to create a series of four stop-motion animations for the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Right Car website, in order to stop all those bad feelings.

Website: safety.rightcar.govt.nz
Behind the scenes: flickr.com/photos/national-park/sets/72157624835535876/ and vimeo.com/14562644

Client: NZTA (nzta.govt.nz)
Agency: AimProximity Wellington (aimproximity.co.nz)
Animators/directors: National Park (national-park.co.nz)
Producer: Rob Apperido
DOP: Matt Henley
Assistants: Michelle Savill, Toby Donald, Shane Fairhall, Kristy Palleson

2011 Best Awards - Silver - Time based graphics
2010 Award Awards - Bronze - Craft in Film - Animation (Non computer generated)

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