From the August meeting of Austin on Rails

ActiveModel makes it easy to turn any old object into one that looks like ActiveRecord to your Rails app. ActiveRelation makes many kinds of queries easier and makes it possible to write some queries that were very difficult in the past.

In this talk, we’ll learn how to build our own model layer using ActiveRelation and ActiveModel. We’ll start by learning how ARel works and how to use it. Then we’ll write an adapter for our own database. Next, we’ll see what ActiveModel provides and how we use it through ActiveRecord. With this in mind, we’ll add functionality to our models that make them look just like ActiveRecord to our Rails app.

Adam is a software developer, entertainer and lover of animals. He’s written software in too many languages to name at startups, small businesses and Fortune 100 giants. His philosophy of coding is to write less code and have more fun writing it.


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