"U CAN DO ANYTHING!!" 08.01.08
And we did "Anything", we wanted to. The first thing that comes to mind every time I watch this video is the Location... "THE METROPOLITAN"... 675 Metropolitan Parkway in Atlanta, GA. (PLUG, PLUG, PLUG!!!) We shot every performance scene at the Metropolitan. I've been working out of the lofts for about a year now and I always wanted to shoot a video in the space. And what better opportunity to use my surrounding than for my first T!KATZ music video! The band actually practiced in my workspace for a while, and it kinda became thier Hub. So for that reason alone the video is special. It's very industrial. It's funny because if you look at the video it seems like it may have taken place in any Packing District in the USA... not "HOTLANTA". Which is cool with me because the members of the band are all from different regions of the East Coast and I didn't want the city of Atlanta to cast its shadow over the band during their introduction to the world (like it has for so many others). In this video the one thing that was key was to showcase the band as a whole and its individual members. Which sounds simple enough, but any time you have an inspirational track like "Anything", two story lines, and six members in a band, things can be come a bit overbearing. All and all, I think the video came out Dope if I may say so myself. Each band member got there shine and the stories were conveyed but not drawn-out.
My Favorite part of the video is in the first storyline when the talent (MC) shoots the bird at the gas prices. FUCK YOU!!
We all felt that way at the gas station on day or another. And if you haven't then you don't feel the struggle.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped, which was mainly small crew of my talented/hardworking friends.

Prinze Genisiz (Production/Talent)
Deshawn Hyacinthe (Production/Talent)
Joe Stallworth (Production)
Keith Hill (Production/Talent)
Ryan Devon (Production / Coordination)
Leo Sterling (Production)
Tinnie Winnie
Bj (Not in town, but we shot on his HDVX)

Talent of all the videos I’ve ever shot the level of talent on this one was great. Most of the talent didn't even have any background in film/acting or any formal training. We picked talent initially off of their look, but the all turned out to be great actors and making my job easier:

Tracy Campbell-gymnast, actor watch this Kid he's a rising STAR!!
Stephanie Tan
Xavier Vond
Zeek Vond
Kombo / Zeek -their scenes didn't make the video but we appreciate the love and support.

And thanx to my neighbors/leasing at the metropolitan for letting us run around the place causing havoc.

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