Submission for Chapter 7

Shot on 7D

Had to rush to get this one done. Was out of town... so I had to shoot the Friday before deadline. Pretty much cranked out a script in one day and then got crew/actors/props/equipment/locations all together the next day and shot it all in one night.

Figured I give it a shot since it is the last chapter.
Quite an experience. Was quite surprised that I was able to get a group of people together.

So yes... Bear with me...
1) It was just the Cabbie and the Bear... all along
2) Bear with me for the very limited time that I had to put this together.


Written and Directed by Rock Chang

DP: Justin Moore

Music by Gabriel Zuniga

Cabbie: Nick Drago
Allison: Abby Hulett
Agent 1: Mitchell Dunajski
Agent 2: Jeff Tang

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