Blink! is a series I started in an attempt to learn how to use my video editing software as effectively as possible while at the same time inspiring players to explore the realm they are immersed in.

If you are looking for an awesome mage destroying opponents 1v15 then this is not the video for you, because this video does not focus on gameplay, but rather on building a storyline and exploring the terrain itself.

With Blink! 1 released and people already pointing out the flaws in it, I decided to do things differently this time. After spending several hours and 50GB of disk space exploring Dun Morogh, here is Blink! Episode 2, with more music, more places, better editing, no commentry and even a little storyline. I would also like to point out that the last clip is sped up, please tell me what you think of this and whether or not I should do that for more clips. I want to be able to show the entire journey, it's just a matter of how fast I show it.

Until then, sit back, enjoy the video, and remember to leave feedback. As always, you can either leave it here, post it in my topic at or simply just send me a whisper in-game (Kyatt, Human Mage).

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