48 Hour Film Project Entry
Pittsburgh 2010

Genre - Time Travel
Prop - A pillow
Dialog - "Take your time. I have all day."
Character - Gil or GiGi Walters, retired military

Completely done in 48hours.

This was the 3rd year our group Corkwood participated in the 48 hour film project (but only my 2nd time being involved). Our core group was back with some welcome additions. This year we brought on an "official writer" and also were working remotely with a couple Corkwood members overseas and on the west coast.

Our group left promptly after the draw Friday night and went to work. We developed the story, characters, shooting boards, locations and logistics until very late Friday night.

We began shooting Saturday morning on schedule at 7:00am sharp. By the end of Saturday night shooting was complete.

Editing and Visual Effects began at 6:30am Sunday morning. We were watching the clock very carefully to make sure we were on schedule. During the afternoon, we had yet to put a complete timeline together and watch it as a whole. When we did, we quickly realized there was a big problem. We were two plus minutes over the time limit. We quickly cut the film down to time, but really wished we had started editing Saturday night like in years past.

We finished the project and made it to the turn-in destination with absolutely no time to spare. This was the closest we came to not making the deadline.

Corkwood had a great time participating in the 2010 48 Hour Film Project. I would personally like to thank all of my group for such a great experience. We worked very smart and did not waste any time. Everyone really did a great job. Without everyone involved, this would never be possible.

Marty Schiff - Gil Walters
Klase Danko - Mrs. Walters
Atticus Cain - Senior Agent
Alex Etling - Field Agent
Blain Schiff - Blain

Produced by
Monica Zoet

Cinematography by
Shan Sharma

Director of Photography
Marcel Mejia

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Jeff Zoet
Mike Szivos
Guy Micciche
Nicolas Heluani

Sound Designer
Susan Hartford

Written by
Dana Scotti

Directed and Edited by
Ray Tragesser

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