This is our (T.V. 2 Productions) entry into the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project 2010. Our genre was Buddy Film. The Character is Gigi Walters retired military and our line was, "Take your time, I've got all day."

It stars Will Guffey and David Kost as two buddies who buy a building to start a new career, when they encounter a surprise guest played by Jennie Bushnell.

We shot this all in one day on location, the old Tippens building in Etna,PA. The set had absolutely NO AIR CONDITIONING and it was probably a sweltering 90 degrees in the building.

Everyone was a trooper through it and brought their "A" game! This was the first time for some to be involved in the 48 Hour Film Project, and this was my first as Team Leader. We had a great time doing it (or at least I hope they all did).

You can see some behind the scene pictures if you're one of our Facebook friends, but if you're not, BE OUR FRIEND.

This version is slightly tweaked from the version that was shown at our screening. Changes include one trimmed shot, color correction, audio boosting, redone credits and we fixed a slight goof. There is a line where Will's character says "Did you find her yet?" In the original version, its me saying the line. We replaced it with Will's voice in this version.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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