The Worlds Biggest Photo Booth is an interactive installation created with Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery. (

The Photo Booth was housed in Nottingham Contemporarys’ “The Space” exhibition area to promote the exhibtion of photographic work by Diane Arbus - ARTIST ROOM On Tour with the Art Fund.

The booth features custom software created in Openframeworks that uses face detection (openCV) technology to detect the presence of users in front of a the physical physical booth. As users take a seat and strike their pose a custom Flash is fired by the software (connected via arduino) and a series of four photo’s are taken on a Canon 500D, these are download from the camera, and then compiled into a polaroid image in the style of Diane Arbus. These images are displayed and animated on a 30ft x 20ft projection as if they were falliing from the pocket of a real photo booth and are uploaded to Nottingham Contemporarys’ Flickr site for visitors to download as a memento of their experience.

Over 4200+ visitors have already had lots of fun with the installation and there are some great images up on Nottingham Contemporarys’ Flickr site. You can check them out here:

The installation ran from 24th July 2010 – 6th September.

Created By Brendan Oliver ( using Openframeworks in collaboration with Mark Selby and Neil 'Pip' Thompson of the Nottingham LAB collective (

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