A poem questioning whether everything revolves around the girl or whether things should be turned around for once...

For the release of his new publication, we were asked by poet Krijn Peter Hesselink to pick one of his poems and turn it into an animation. Because poetry and animation each have their own dynamics we agreed that this was not going to be a literal translation of the poem, but first and foremost an animation inspired by his words.

When we planned to orbit around a handdrawn image of the author, we did not fully realize that this would entail days of scribbling the same figure over and over again with pen on paper, each time from a slightly different angle. When we finally managed to digitize the result and write a piece of code to actually fly around this 2D hand drawn figure our hard work paid off. We set free our ink drawings and gave them an extra dimension.

Any comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated!

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