When Jen emailed me the song for their SDE(Same Day Edit)a few days before the wedding.. I was instantly juiced/excited.. Having shot at the same hotel and church the week before I already envisioned a few establishing shots I had in mind..

I started off the morning at 9AM, grabbing a few broll shots of the exterior of the church and hotel. Then headed up to Jen’s hotel suite to capture her getting ready along with her army of 12 Bridesmaids, followed by Socheat and his football team groomsmen.. After everyone was ready they walked to the church only being one block from the Hotel..

Ceremony time.. Being that I shot at the same church a week prior I thought this was going to be cake. But being restricted by the coordinator we were quickly denied our main processional camera and having the priest stand the opposite way during the vows pretty It much made me feel like this wasn’t going to be a good SDE.. After Mike put his magic editing touch, this is now my new favorite piece.. I think every new piece we do is my new favorite

Cinevate Atlas
Cinevate Core
Glidecam 2000hd

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