The Lost Generation by Dr. Jimmy Powers | Sermon Series

God wrote us an instruction book. It only makes sense that we should spend some time reading it. God created us to live a spiritual life. But in order to do that, we have to learn from his word how he wants us to live our life. The instructions in the Bible will help us to become a better Christian.

We will learn about sin and what things to avoid which will pull our spirit down. We will learn what kind of mental outlook to have. We will be taught patience instead of anger. We will learn about thinking of good things instead of dwelling on the negative. We will learn love and compassion instead of harsh intolerance. We will learn humility instead of arrogance.

We will discover instructions on how to treat our spouse, how to raise our children, how to treat our family, how to act on the job, how to help others, and how to comfort those who are hurting.

We may be surprised to find that God sets high standards for us. And then we find that he provided us a way to be holy and righteous through the price that Jesus paid for us even though we are weak and sinful. We learn how he is there to give us strength in our weakness, give us faith when we doubt, and give us peace when we are in turmoil.

As we read and study the Bible, we discover that God is making us a new creation as he helps us reach our full human potential. The Bible is our Instruction Book.

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