documentary by Annette Wagner
comissioning editor ZDF/arte: Susanne Mertens
producer: filmtank / Saskia Kress (

screening date on arte: 16th of September 2011, 9:50 pm


In addition on the same day, arte launches an Interactive Website with backgrund information:

A processor-driven revolution in dementia care is taking place which might effect society in the next decade. The protagonist is Paro: Pa-sonal Ro-boto – a cute and cuddly computerized seal, a complex animaloid robot.
The Japanese computer toy in Europe quickly got a name for himself as a controversial therapeutic tool – applied in nursing homes for elderly people suffering from dementia. For some a "disrespectful device"; for others "an angel soothing loneliness", calming the restless patients, animating the depressed – and reducing the amount of drugs given.

The documentary by Annette Wagner (author) and filmtank Berlin/Saskia Kress (producer) for ZDF/arte science slot invites the TV-audience to experience and explore the Emotional Robot. It also includes the ethical and scientifical discussion on the subject of Emotional Robotis in dementia care.

TV-documentary and website are 2 of 5 formats of "Squeeze me!" -
a crossmedia project on the Emotional needs of elderly suffering from dementia. It was set uop and produced by German journalist Annette Wagner and her production company "awa crossmedia produktionen" during the last 2 years and intertwines analog and digital formats.

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