ever woke up one morning with that weird lingering feeling that something is not quite right? wondering what feels wrong? maybe just about everything. maybe nothing really. but you know you have to get the fuck out of here. pack your things, spend an epic last day saying goodbye to your friends in the city and leave. now.

"Five Blessings" is the first song to be out from "Mighty Scotland" (Monopsone / Differ-Ant), the new LP of Arch Woodmann, sweet and sour french songwriter / band, released on November 2nd 2010. The first autoproduced LP "Draped Horse Blue Licorne Argentee Feather Blue" got sold out, so you better listen to the whole album right now, here (where you can also buy the digital version) :

- > archwoodmannpromo.bandcamp.com/

or buy the real thing here :

- > monopsone.com/?p=202

- > facebook.com/pages/Arch-Woodmann-Mighty-Scotland/125412980840146

and if you're still on myspace, befriend them here:

- > myspace.com/archwoodmanntimber

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