Sales Olympian is an e-learning sales course. Sales Olympian teaches professional sales techniques by allowing students to have fun as they learn.

A combination of games, puzzles, simulations, animations, photos, graphics, sound and music create an entertaining and motivating environment. Sales Olympian is the antithesis of the boring e-learning of the past.

Employees work at their own pace learning how to use and apply techniques such as prospecting, qualifying, listening, questioning, covering the bases and closing.

Professional selling skills are essential for the success of every individual and organization. In addition to sales of your products and services, selling skills are essential for good customer support and interdepartmental cooperation. Selling may be face to face, in groups or on the phone. Everyone in every company is involved either directly or indirectly in selling. Sales Olympian is designed to help not only direct sales people but all staff. Sales Olympian can be used by anyone, from any industry.

Sales Olympian makes trainers more effective. Sales Olympian reduces trainers' workloads and allows trainers to spend valuable classroom time reinforcing principles rather than teaching the basics. By reducing the need for classroom training, Sales Olympian slashes total training costs.

Sales Olympian makes things easy for the administrator too, with comprehensive reporting and flexible course setup options. It even allows you to easily add your own company graphics and video introduction.

Sales Olympian cuts off-the-job time. It enables "slow" time be more effectively utilised. Large numbers of employees over wide geographical areas, can be trained rapidly and consistently.

Selection of the prior knowledge test, allows Sales Olympian to be used for subsequent review. Sales Olympian simplifies training of new employees.

Network, intranet, internet and stand alone PC operation are supported.

Call now to find out how companies like: Microsoft, FPL, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UPS, Clorox, BHP, Hewlett Packard, Air Force, Navy, North Star Steel, Stock Exchange, First National Bank, Abbot, Otis, Sun Alliance Insurance, CSR, Shell, Kodak, and hundreds of others are benefiting from our training.

Dr. Jane Mahoney (Florida Power & Light): "May I thank you for the wonderful contribution that you've made". "We're all enjoying the mythical quality of the software content, and the humor that's embedded in the most unexpected places. It's clear that you've put much of yourselves into this software design, giving it much depth and texture. "

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